Automatic or human translations

Traduction anglais français


Why contacting a human translator to translate your documents whereas there are automatic on-line translators ?

It can be useful to globally understand an article or a page you care about so an automatic on-line translator identifies words and translates them but anyway, it can't get the precise meaning or the subtility of the text because one English word can have various meanings and the automatic translator can't analyse the difference and can even mistranslate.

Just imagine people reading a meaningless sentence in your web site or on a document, you won't be credible.

Exemple avec une phrase française :
"Chat échaudé craint l'eau froide."
-Traduction automatique N°1:
" Chat échaudé fears cold water."
-Traduction automatique N°2:
"Scalded cat fears l' cool water. "
-Traduction automatique N°3:
"il prend la vue d'un ours de l'avenir de sa compagnie."
-Traduction manuelle:
"Once bitten, twice shy."

It's just a sample of what you can find, no comment.


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