Resources for translations and various ones

Traduction anglais français


For the web:

Firefox brower

A light, quick and secure browser you can personalize with many extensions, thousands of modules allow you to personalize it as you like, hard to use another browser once you have tried Firefox. Free of course.

Thunderbird e-mail software

Thunderbird is ideal to select your mail and check out with its labels. It has an anti-spam, not perfect but rather effective. Free too.

Antivirus avast! 4 Familial

A version for individual use quite adequate if you are rather cautious, automatic update.

For office automation:

Office automation including : Writer (Word processing), Calc (Spreadsheet), Draw (Drawing), Impress (Presentation), Math (Equations), Base (Data base), a quite complete and free set.

For translation assistance:

Google linguistic tools

Convenient to have a general view of a page.

Wordreference dictionary

English, French, Spanish and Italian dictionary, rather convenient with use of words.





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